My story

I began my spiritual awakening about six years ago. I was in a high-stress job that had me working long hours and left me in tears on a regular basis. I was losing hair, gaining weight, and my relationships were suffering. I knew something had to change – there had to be more to life than just paying bills and dealing with anxiety!

I started listening to the now-defunct Hay House Radio. Uplifting messages from people like Esther and Jerry Hicks, Dr. Wayne Dyer, and Louise Hay helped me to change my outlook on life. I immersed myself in metaphysical teachings through books, recordings, social media, and in-person gatherings. The more I learned, the more New Age thought resonated with me. The more I explored, the more conscious I became.

Throughout my journey I learned things about myself

I ended up quitting that job and manifested ways to provide for myself without sacrificing my sanity. I finally found that “holy grail” of work/life balance!

My intuitive abilities developed when I started doing intuitive readings and healings. I obtained my Crystal Reiki Master and Animal Reiki Master Certifications. I began collecting crystals and used them during meditations. I practiced automatic writing and learned that I was a medium. And so much more!

I made radical, positive changes to my life – and you can too!

As a Transformational Life Coach, I am passionate about helping others build a life that they love. That means something different to everyone, which is why all my programs are customized. They all start with a free consultation and assessment.

I decided to begin the Hypnotherapy program at the USDE-accredited Southwest Institute of the Healing Arts. It took nine months of reading, writing, researching, and practicing hypnosis to complete this rigorous program, and it helped me obtain my Hypnotherapy Certification from the American Board of Hypnotherapy where I am now a member in good standing.

Helping people manifest their perfect life is my passion, and I would love to help you on your journey!

When I’m not working, you can find me expressing my creativity by painting, playing my ukulele, or working on my latest needlework project. I live in North Texas with my Pembroke Welsh Corgi pup, Karma.