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Your program is customized to your unique needs

Popular programs include stress and anxiety relief, weight management, quitting smoking, stopping self-sabotage, and improving confidence. We can also work on overcoming fears and phobias, pain management, performance improvement, and manifesting.

Clients often see amazing results after just one session. However in order to have long-lasting results, it is recommended that you have at least four sessions. For that reason, I have a 4-session package that I offer to my first-time clients. This is just a guideline and your treatment plan may differ based upon your unique needs.

The 4-Session Program Package

Session 1: What do you need to release?

We’ll begin by talking about your goals and the emotions, thoughts, and behaviors that are keeping you from actualizing them. I’ll explain how hypnosis works and how it will help you accomplish what you’re setting out to do. We will also review your history and I’ll be happy to answer any questions you have, now and throughout the program. Then we’ll do the hypnosis portion of the session which will focus on releasing what no longer serves you.

Session 2: What do you want to attract?

The second session starts with another check-in to see how you’ve progressed and whether there are still some blocks holding you back. Then under hypnosis, we will work on the specific things you want to attract. This is where we look closely at your overall health and wellness needs and start manifesting your specific vision.

Session 3: How are you doing on your path?

By this point you have a good foundation and you’ll have already made significant changes. We assess your progress and see what you still need to focus on, then under hypnosis we will tackle those issues.

Session 4: What is there to celebrate?

This is a very important step in your healing journey! We’ll be celebrating your progress and how far you’ve come. Even if you aren’t 100% to the point where you want to be, recognizing and having appreciation for the positive changes you’ve made will bring about more and more positive changes for you. The hypnosis portion of the session focuses on celebrating YOU.

Additional sessions if needed

After your first four sessions, you may find that you still want to dive deeper and continue working in order to get even better results. Or perhaps you are happy with your progress and want to use hypnosis to tackle another, different goal. Whichever the case, we can continue working together as much as you like.

Between sessions – the work continues

Each session is recorded so you can listen to it daily and continue the positive work we are doing – keep that momentum going! With each session I will also assign “homework” which complements your goals.

Package pricing

  • 4-session package:
    • $450.00 if paid in full upfront (10% discount)
    • $500.00 if using my payment plan
  • Additional sessions if needed: $125.00 each

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